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Sail Away on an Internship in Christian Education

Would you like to gain some work experience abroad? Do you enjoy working with children and teens in a Christian environment? Are you eager, enthusiastic and energetic? The IMS Education Department offers you practical work in one of the well-established church schools in the US, Central America, South America and Africa.

1. Download the internship application form.

2. Fill in the required information by using the "Fill&Sign" application in Adobe.

3. Send the application form along with the other required documents to

Responsibilities of the Intern

Before starting the internship the intern should…

Be fully responsible for all travel details to the destination country.

Have a valid passport.

Get a visa for the destination country and/or transiting country.

Get travel insurance.

Have the address of the school at their hand.

Contact the school with flight and travel information.

Take along cash/credit card.

During the internship the intern should …

Adhere to agency policies, procedures, and rules.

Work the required number of hours at times agreed and be punctual and dependable.

Notify your supervisor if you are unable to attend as planned.

Behave and dress appropriately to the particular workplace.

Respect the confidentiality of the workplace, its students, and its teachers.

If things are slow, take the initiative and volunteer for different tasks or other work.

Discuss any problems with your supervisor and the internship coordinator.

Observe and assist in classrooms.

Do one project (minimum) with the students.

Attend and participate in school staff meetings.

Attend church on Sabbath and get involved in church activities.

At the end of the internship the intern should …

Return any school property.

Say “thank you”.

Give a written report (English or Spanish) and send it to the internship coordinator.

List of Schools


Guatemala: Colegio Cristiano La Reforma

Honduras: Jardin y Escuela Cristiana Reforma

USA: Cedar Christian School

USA: Small Cloud Christian School

Ecuador: Escuela Particular Mixta “Elim”

Colombia: Colegio Cristiano La Reforma


1Why should I consider an internship at an IMS school?
Internships allow participants the opportunity to support an IMS school in a foreign country, get to know new people, and exchange ideas with professionals. Interns will gain valuable work experience and the opportunity to immerse themselves in a different culture.
2Who can apply for an internship?
Anyone from the age of eighteen and upwards (high school grads, college students, adults, and retirees) can apply for an internship.
3What are the requirements?
The intern should be a member of, or at least regularly attend, a church of the IMS Reform Movement. He/She should speak a basic level of the language spoken at the school where he/she will volunteer. The intern should enjoy working with children and teens.
4How do I apply for an internship?
Go to the website of the IMS Education Department and download the application form. Email the completed form and required documents to the Education Department.
5Where can I intern?
An intern can apply for an internship at one of the well-established IMS schools in the US, Central America, South America, and Africa (See updated list on the website).
6Is the internship paid?
There are no paid positions available, but the school will provide a small weekly stipend, food, accommodation, and transportation during the internship.
7Who is responsible for travel expenses and visa arrangements?
The intern is fully responsible for organizing and paying for his/her trip to the destination country.
8How long is the internship?
The internship can last from two up to six weeks.
9What happens at the end of the internship?
The intern will receive a letter of recommendation from the internship supervisor. The intern will also be given the opportunity to evaluate the department’s internship program.

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